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Lock-down Diaries – day 41

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Day 41 (to lock down)

This morning, when I saw the reactions to yesterday’s post, I was filled with surprise and also how to say – happiness. The truth is that I’m usually not really in favor of social media. I do not believe in them as real areas of occurrence that can create something. Tough, he reactions to the post made me doubt my previous opinions. Maybe I did not appreciate their power enough. (“I have my principles, and if they do not suit you – I can replace them” as Groucho Marx said)

The ability to connect and get feedback from unfamiliar people, who may never meet face to face, or familiar people who have been forgotten over the years, and the fact that we have something in common right now, even if it’s temporary, it is a connection. Suddenly it felt a bit like a gallery discourse in an exhibition (which suddenly seems light years away in our new reality).

So I did not give up even today, I drew my daughter, Lia, struggling with classes online. (I think it would be inevitable to devote an entire text to this complex subject).

A little confession: I think I’m starting to become friends with these gouache sticks. Apparently at the end – you really get used to everything.

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