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Domestic Ethnography: Worried Woman With a Bird

I started working on the series Domestic Ethnography: Worried Woman With Bird a few years after my daughter was born, taking on a new role in life — the mother’s role. (And not just the romantic one).

The project consists of a series of paintings, which portray a family and their intimate and complex relationship through the eyes of the woman / mother / wife. The series describes intimate moments or thoughts, supposedly without great drama or importance, using expressive gestures and colors. The works want to reveal more than a specific moment but rather an inner world of a woman, which raises questions about the social traditions related to the family and the different roles within it.
In an era in which we constantly expose and share our successful moments in life on social media, count the “likes” we collect and try to shw the best of ourselves, this body of work reveals moments of  unspoken doubts, loneliness, fear and self-observation, and seeks an alternative to the romantic concept of a perfect family, happy motherhood, and social conventions related to the subject.

The initial nucleus of this project is biographical, and at the same time it is based on the study of the development of feminist visual art throughout the last century.