Aya Eliav’s multi-media body of work is characterized by an intimate, reflective gaze. While dealing with a wide range of socio-political topics, her gaze isolates elements, objects, moments, looking into them, providing a personal interpretation. She graduated in visual communication at the Academy of Fine Arts “Bezalel” and at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome. Since 2006 she has been working as a multimedia artist exhibiting world wide in solo and group exhibitions. Among the main institutions and events that have featured her works: Galeria ArtVentures, California; Galeria Vanguardia, Bilbao; Art Revolution Taipei, Taiwan; Bim – Bienal de imagen en movimiento, Buenos Aires; The Barbican Institute, London; Haifa museum of art , Israel; Videobrasil Festival, Sao Pauolo, Brasil; Optica Festival – Madrid, Giron, Buenos Aires; National Museum of Art, Beijing, China.


Videos & Performances

Local Denial | Video Performance, mono channel, 5.min.
Art Idol | Performance, 32 min.
Art Idol | Performance, (promo) 2.40 min.
The Temple | Mono channel, 1.24 min.
Come Mommy | Mono channel, 21 min.
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The Day you arrived to Buenos Aires | Mono channel, 18 min. (request password in contact section)