Aya Eliav’s multi-media body of work is characterized by an intimate, reflective gaze. While dealing with a wide range of socio-political topics, her gaze isolates elements, objects, moments, looking into them, providing a personal interpretation. She graduated in visual communication at the Academy of Fine Arts “Bezalel” and at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome. In 2024, she graduated with honors from the investigation and creation program (MFA) at the University of Barcelona. Since 2006 she has been working as a multimedia artist exhibiting world wide in solo and group exhibitions. Among the main institutions and events that have featured her works: Galeria Vanguardia, Bilbao; Galeria ArtVentures, California; Art Revolution Taipei, Taiwan; The Bienal de imagen en movimiento, Buenos Aires; The Barbican Institute, London; Haifa museum of art , Israel; Videobrasil Festival, Sao Paulo, Brasil; Optica Festival – Madrid, Giron, Buenos Aires; National Museum of Art, Beijing, China.


Videos & Performances

Local Denial | Video Performance, mono channel, 5.min.
Art Idol | Performance, 32 min.
Art Idol | Performance, (promo) 2.40 min.
The Temple | Mono channel, 1.24 min.
Come Mommy | Mono channel, 21 min.
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The Day you arrived to Buenos Aires | Mono channel, 18 min. (request password in contact section)