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Lock-Down Diaries – Day 45

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This morning I woke up with positive energies and said to myself – cheer up, the situation could be worse. And if I quote my favorite sketch from “Kaveret” – I cheered up, and then the situation really became worse.
Despite all my attempts to think positively everything went negatively. In a small way, but in a way I could not stand. My attempts to connect even for ten minutes to the fascinating online course I started (before the Covid) of Bar Ilan University (for those who are interested – “feminist art and Jewish identity”) have failed due to stupid home affairs. You can say – what could be so disturbing – the girl is learning online, the husband is working on the computer, everything’s good. Well – I will not go into details, Or actually I will: A package from Amazon that arrived just as I was in the bathroom and than failed attempts in the morning to coordinate a re-delivery, a huge bee that entered the girl’s room exactly during the 10 seconds that the window was open for ventilation and that fact ended the short minutes she could sit in concentration and study online, a neighbor knocked on the door telling me her troubles with her teenage daughter, and more surprises.

At this point I already had to start preparing something for lunch because my daughter has a one hour break to eat before starting part B of school. ( and by the way, I argued with the teacher this week. how can a child sit down -distant learning 8 hours a day?!?! A bit exaggerated).
The meal came out tasteless (of course) and spiced with a lot of nerves.
there’s nothing to do. I admit and confess. I need freedom. I need vacation. I need ventilation. My soul is wounded and screaming.
At the evening, after our daughter went to bed my husband and I exchanged grievances over a glass of whiskey. He was complaining on the online teaching of depressed students and I was complaining on the kitchen routine. I was completely burned. But at list the whisky was fun.

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