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Lock-down Diaries – Day 44

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Day 44 (to lock down)

It’s a big day tomorrow: Starting tomorrow children in Spain will be able to leave the house to ventilate for a distance of, I think, one kilometer. This is great news, no doubt, a family outgoing, who would have imagined! And so, out of happiness, or perhaps out of a sense of loss, we spent most of the day walking around the house, back and forth restlessly, debating what should we wear, what perfume to use and whether it would be worthwhile to go out with the bike or with the skates.

I am just kidding. Actually We did not spend the day walking back and forth, we actually decided to make a gastronomic and appetizing move and we went out to our spacious terrace and had a barbecue (or as my Argentinian partner calls it – An assado). You probably think we’re really having fun in this quarantine. So I do not deny – there are moments, like those sunny weekends, that I have so much fun in our little cute space in the corner of this universe, that I stop for a moment and think – why, actually, do we have to go out? Or worse – what will I do with myself outside? I have here in the house a small microcosmos that contains itself: sleeping, getting up, studying, working, playing, studing, fighting, getting over it, eating, eating, eating, and going to sleep again. And really, what else will I do, say in two weeks, or three, when we would be able to go out again? I no longer have a job (as a part-time tourist guide in the fields of architecture and local art, I currently have nowhere to go) and my studio – I would have no way to get there – 17 metro stops on my dead body). So what will I do with this “outside world”???

Anyway, the day is over, and the excitement is great because the very fact that it is passing –  brings us closer to tomorrow, to the big family outgoing (and by the way, lucky we have a girl, otherwise we would have had to rent one on the black market to go out), assado fills us with happiness and plump bellies. A pink day. Not just a simply pink day – pink with glitters!

Up until the neighbor calls, who is also our daughter alternate grandma. And guess what? Bad news: The child is only allowed to go out accompanied by one adult.

What????? Yes, what you heard. One adult accompanies up to three children. All the mental preparations and excitement went down the drain. So here we are now, having a new reason to discuss: with one of us would go out with our little girl. Or rather – who will stay at home. Because, to be honest what would you do in order to be left alone for an entire hour at home!

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