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A little story about Nectar – Artist Residency

(Hi! English text below!) או: חיים בטבע ורזידנסי לאמנים בשום מקום Life in nature and artist residency in the middle of no-where I have been waiting some time for the upcoming week on Nectar. Because the end of the school year is approaching with all the changes that summer brings – the period before this… Read More »A little story about Nectar – Artist Residency

Domestic Life Paintings

Lock-Down Diaries – Day 45

This morning I woke up with positive energies and said to myself – cheer up, the situation could be worse. And if I quote my favorite sketch from “Kaveret” – I cheered up, and then the situation really became worse.Despite all my attempts to think positively everything went negatively. In a small way, but in… Read More »Lock-Down Diaries – Day 45